Ak vs m16

ak vs m16 The soviet-made ak-47 and the american m16, the primary assault rifles deployed during the vietnam. ak vs m16 The soviet-made ak-47 and the american m16, the primary assault rifles deployed during the vietnam. ak vs m16 The soviet-made ak-47 and the american m16, the primary assault rifles deployed during the vietnam.

I went m16 (m4 actually) i love both types, but there are more upgrades available for the m4 i prefer the m4 iron sights also, if i were to get an. The soviet-made ak-47 and the american m16, the primary assault rifles deployed during the vietnam. 24 thoughts on ak vs sks: which should you buy hello,,,if i may,,this contest has been going on forever,ak vs sks,the reason the russians started production of ak47 after only 2 yrs of sks was economics. Ak-47 vs m16: which is best size and weight at 34 inches long and 105 pounds in weight (loaded, now), the ak-47 is shorter but heavier than the standard m16a1. Boards archive boards military board which is better: the ak-47 vs the m-16 which is better: the ak-47 vs ak for wooded and m16 for open ak reliable you dont have to worry about breaking this after a long hike or been thrown around.

Because both the ar-15 and the ak-47 are excellent weapons, you're going to find plenty of die-hard fans of each one usually, there isn't much overlap you either love the ar or you love the ak as a veteran marine, i've put more rounds downrange through the m16 (the military version of the. Comparing the strengths and uses of the combat rifle, ak-47, and m-16 assault rifle of left 4 dead 2. The m16 vs m14 debate continues to rage the guns & ammo gurus engage in a spirited debate to answer this question once and for all but can they. Vietnamthe other war m16 vs ak47, winner is during the entire vietnam conflict labels: m16 vs ak 47, vietnam war no comments: post a comment newer post older post home subscribe to: post comments (atom) unk dicko about me. This summer's biggest shoot-em-up is like the batman vs superman of guerilla rifles ak-47 vs m16, the film stitches together clips from hollywood blockbusters, documentaries, promotional videos and other sources to show how the legendary assault rifles have been pitted against each other since.

The m16 rifle, officially designated rifle, caliber 556 mm, m16 also the m14 was preferred by 15 percent, while less than one percent wished to carry either the stoner rifle, the ak-47, the carbine or a pistol in march 1970. The ak-47 and the m16 are two of the most widely used assault rifles in the world both gained popularity and fame for being the [. Battlefield 4 weapon comparison: m16a4 vs ak-12 - which is better - damage, accuracy, attachments, mag size, fire rate, etc - complete analysis to find the best weapons. Hosted by command sergeant major t s decker (ret), this episode compares an ak-47 to an m16 to an mp44. Forum start battlefield 3 - battlefield 3 - pc ak74 vs m16 thread is locked ak74 vs m16 1 2 8 nick20404 enlisted: 2011-11-09 ok, the stats for the ak are a bit worse but its mostly up to personal preference and what you use it for they could up it a little. Which is the better rifle platform, eugene stoner's ar-15/m16 or mikhail kalishnikov's ak-47.

Ak vs m16

Garry james and david fortier take on the age-old debate: m16 vs ak47 what do you think. I just think the old video shows how the original m16 was a pos compared to the ak or m14 also count the rounds used and then calculate who used more weight in ammo december ak 47 vs m14, ak-47 vs m-16, ak-47 vs m14, ak47 m14, ak47 vs m14, difference between m14 & ak47, m14 ammo vs ak 47. R lee ermey puts the ak47 and the m16 up against each other to see which is the better rifle.

Letting everyone know that an ak-47 hits harder a local police officer tested one out and told me about it he took it 900 ft away from the target and shot the target was a tree with the kevlar and metal plate on it and behind it was a big bucket of water and behind that a levee. This is the development process that has lead to the debate between the m4 vs ar15 during world war ii, the us military was using there is a reason why the us military has adopted this weapon over their m16 ar-15 vs ak-47: a battle as old as time the us krag rifle in the 21st century. Ak47 vs m16 ak-47 view this is a great comparison of the russian ak47 is bs because it shold be the same dame person shooting the guns and this is made in the usa which mean the love the m16 that see the ak as a bad guys weapon suport our troops where ever thay are suport our. What is your favorite the m4/m16 and it's variants or the ak-47 and it's variants my vote is for the ak for it's design and reliability i. Ak-47 vs m16 88 likes 3 talking about this this is to prove which gun, the m16 or the ak-47, is the better weapon.

Comparison of the m16 vs ak-47 which one is better both the m16 and ak-47 are two of the world's most iconic assault rifles these weapons have been going up against each other for decades so which is the best. Comparison of the two most common assault rifles in the world, the russian ak-47 and the american m16.

Ak vs m16
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